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Advancing Health Equity starts with members of your organization taking a deep dive into engaging material and discussions.

When Advancing Health Equity launched, the organization was known for the Mobilizing for Health Equity Series. We offer three training options that can each be taken as a stand-alone training session or consecutively. The maximum number of participants per session is 50 people.

  • 01 Mobilizing For Health Equity

    Part 1 (3-hour)
    • Impact of Federal Policies on the Social Determinants of Health 
    • Racial Health Inequities
    • A Racial Injustice Historical Timeline 
    • The 4 I’s of Oppression (Institutional, Interpersonal, Ideological, Internalized)
  • 02 Mobilizing For Health Equity

    Part 2 (3-hour)
    • The Circle of Trust
    • The Science behind Unconscious bias
    • Unconscious Bias in Healthcare
    • Bias Mitigation Strategies Workshop
  • 03 Advancing Racial Equity in Healthcare Institutions

    • Foundational Racial Equity Concepts and
    • Organizational Culture
    • Introduction to the Anti-Racist, Multicultural
    • Organizational Continuum
    • Identifying the organization on the Continuum
    • Strategies to advance along the Continuum

Additional training options

Education Plans

AHE begins with assessing current learning needs, including, but not limited to values, skills, strengths, areas of concern, and preferred learning style. Soon after, learning goals are identified in collaboration with key stakeholders. Once learning resources, supports, and strategies are identified, AHE will develop a learning pathway for your people.

Curriculum Audit and Development

AHE will gather relevant information to topics you have provided and develop a curriculum. AHE also conducts curriculum audits and supports edits for existing curricula.

E-Learning Audit and Development

AHE will collaborate with you to develop e-learning for onboarding new hires and improving employee performance. AHE also conducts e-learning audits and supports edits for existing e-learning.

Workbooks, Toolkits and Guidebooks

AHE will aid in the development of resources for our organization. AHE also conducts audits for existing resources, and supports edits for existing resources.


To encourage sustainability and build dexterity with varying team members in the organization. AHE will host  a TTT for content developed by AHE for your organization.


After getting to know your needs, AHE will either customize or create trainings and simulations based on your needs. Our workshops are interactive both in our virtual platforms and in person. We encourage collaboration through peer-shares, breakout rooms, and whiteboard use. Our trainings are solution-oriented and inspire individual and institutional change. Topics include and aren’t limited to:

  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Health Equity
  • Cultural Humility
  • Psychological Safety
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Health Policy and Analysis
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Visioning and Values Realignment
  • Restorative Justice
  • Anti-racism
  • The Social Determinants of Health
  • Equitable Hiring Practices
  • From Dominant Culture to Relational Culture

Contact us today to request one of our qualified staff to speak at your next event.