About Dr. Blackstock

  • BA | Biology | Harvard University | 1999

  • MD | Harvard Medical School | 2005

  • Emergency Medicine Residency | Chief Resident | SUNY Downstate-Kings County Hospital Center | 2009

  • Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship | Fellow | Mt. Sinai -St. Luke’s Roosevelt Medical Center | 2010

I am a Harvard-educated physician. I am passionate about equity and justice in healthcare and society.

As a child, I watched my mother, Dr. Dale Blackstock, a Black woman in medicine, navigate the world with the odds squarely stacked against her.

Raised by a single mother with six children, on public assistance, she was the first person in her family to attend college. Not only was my mother determined, but she had a strong sense of obligation to her community. She died at only 47 years old. My mother was my role model and the reason why I became a physician.

Over the last ten years, as a Board-certified Emergency Medicine physician, I have witnessed first-hand experience the deleterious impact of health inequity and healthcare disparities on our marginalized populations and communities.

My mother’s legacy inspires me to use my voice to advance health equity for our patients and to address the detrimental effects of structural racism and other systems of oppression.

Ultimately, I created Advancing Health Equity with the goal of partnering with healthcare organizations to address a few of the critical factors that contribute to health inequity, through educational trainings and racial equity culture analytics.