“ Having Dr. Blackstock present on Unconscious Bias as part of monthly Continuing Education seminars was a revelation. Dr. Blackstock presented material on explicit and implicit bias in healthcare in an innovative, informative and thought-provoking way. Many of the participants commented on how much they appreciated Dr. Blackstock’s style of presentation, and how she made what can be a difficult conversation on racism and oppression very accessible. I will definitely consider her for more programs in the future.”
— Benjamin Sher, MA, LMSW, Director, Office of Global and Lifelong Learning, NYU Silver School of Social Work

Dr. Blackstock has a wonderful way of making the complex concepts of bias and its impact seem both accessible and urgent at the same time. She is an engaging speaker who uses data to make, but not overwhelm her point. I believe she is creating real change among those who participate in her workshops.
— Richard Greene, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, and Director, Health Disparities Education, NYU School of Medicine

Dr. Blackstock actively takes on some of the most challenging issues like the detrimental impact of explicit and implicit biases and works collaboratively to develop strategies to create more inclusive and affirming practices and environments.
— Mason Patenaude, LMSW, Recruitment and Retention Program Coordinator, Office of Diversity Affairs, NYU School of Medicine

An innovative leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare, Dr. Blackstock combines evidence, experience, and content expertise in the provision of digestible, yet powerful, unconscious bias trainings. Her creative workshop activities actively engage participants in self-reflection and provide avenues to explore the impact we, as individuals, have on the broader culture and climate of healthcare.
— Tiffany Cook, Program Manager, Training and Professional Development, Office of Diversity Affairs, NYU School of Medicine

Dr. Blackstock sheds light on the important topics of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and makes these complex issues more clear and the impact on people, teams, and organizations easier to understand. She speaks from passion and from experience and seeks to impact modern healthcare environments to evolve to be fairer and more functional organizations.
— Christopher I. Doty, MD FAAEM FACEP, Professor & Vice Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Kentucky-Chandler Medical Center