DisMANTLING Structural RACISM in Healthcare

Through the use of interactive exercises and transformative, deep discussions, we will spark critical conversations about the impact of structural racism on healthcare.

This workshop will leave participants equipped with an understanding of the influence of power, oppression, and privilege on health outcomes.

Advancing Health Equity will tailor the workshop according to the historical context of health, race and power to effectively discuss strategies and practices for dismantling racism, mitigating bias, and mobilizing for health equity.

Learning Objectives

  • To explore how the different parts of identity can bestow power.

  • To explore how privilege can bestow power on a person or group.

  • To explore how structural racism influences healthcare and health outcomes.

  • To examine the role of the four of I’s of oppression (internalized, interpersonal, institutional, and ideological) in healthcare.

  • To provide an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations around systems of oppression and to learn from multiple perspectives.